HSX Services and Systems Status

HSX Services and Systems Status

Secure data connection among multiple providers.  Supports functional status of all other services.

Secure point-to-point exchange of clinical information between providers

Send clinical information to a patient's care team

Identifies a patient’s location and status within the regional healthcare system

Provides a unified view of a patient's history from multiple sources

Receive a Clinical Activity History for a patient

Notifies subscribers when a patient is hospitalized and/or discharged

Real-time notifications to subscribers about patient encounters

System Down
Under Maintenance

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HSX Metrics

Patients in HSX’s
Master Patient Index
as of April 2018
Total messages exchanged via HSX through April 2018
Practitioners in the
HSX Provider Directory
as of April 2018
Percentage of messages sent via HSX in April 2018 that are inter-health system
Number of ENS subscribing entities as of April 2018
Direct Secure Messaging (DIRECT)

Point-to-point exchange of clinical information between providers’ direct addresses using the national Direct Project standards — included, but not limited to, sending of continuity of care (C-CDA) documents with discharge information and referrals for transitions of care. HSX can offer direct addresses to providers and organizations, as needed.

Encounter Notification Service (ENS)

Delivers to service subscribers a notification when one of their patients or members is hospitalized or presents to an emergency department and/or is subsequently discharged.

Provider Directory (PD)

Contains direct addresses for healthcare providers who actively participate with HSX; interoperability testing completed before providers’ direct addresses are added to the PD.

Clinical Activity History (CAH)

Collects recent clinical history about a patient from the patient’s healthcare insurer, based on the patient’s member identification within the health plan and translates this claims/utilization data to a clinical care document — returning this information to the requesting provider or emergency department.

Automated Care Team Finder (ACTF)

Uses the patient’s member identification with his or her healthcare insurer to identify the patient’s primary care provider and route continuity of care (C-CDA) documents, containing discharge information, leveraging the HSX PD.

Urgent Patient Activity Liaison Service (uPAL)

The Urgent Patient Activity Liaison (uPAL) service identifies a patient’s admission, discharge, or transfer location and date/time within the regional healthcare system, serving as a patient locator service that takes advantage of member-hospital admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) data feeds and the HSX CDR; used in mass crisis scenarios or more routine, individual cases.

  • UPAL Timeline

    July 25th-28th 2016
    Democratic National Convention – UPAL went to Stand-by.
    April 27-29th 2017
    NFL Draft
    February 4th 2018
    Eagles win the Superbowl
    February 8th 2018
    Eagles Parade
  • Pope Visit

    The visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. this past fall inspired progress on many fronts including, now, international exchange of patient medical information. Read More

  • DNC Plans

    HSX placed its uPAL patient locator service on standby during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The service, available for tracking patients during large-scale emergency or routine individual events, was in a heightened state of readiness from July 24 to July 29, 2016. Read More

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Collects and retains medical-records data about patients, permitting a patient’s provider and/or care-team members to query for clinical information about the patient.

Service Snapshot

  • Service Adoption
  • Data Feed Implementation Status


Published in Provider Directory

Direct Secure Messaging (Sending Discharge Info)

Encounter Notification Service Subscriber

Automated Care Team Finder

Clinical Activity History

Access to Clinical Data Repository

Abington – Jefferson HealthYesNoLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
AmeriHealth Caritasn/an/aLiveLiveIn ProgressLive (Payer Portal)
Aria HealthYesYesLiveLiveIn ProgressMember Readiness TBD
CHOPYesYesLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Crozer-Keystone Health SystemYesYesLive LiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Doylestown HospitalYesYesLive (Doylestown Healthcare Partnership)LiveLiveLive (Hospital/ED)
Einstein Healthcare NetworkYesYesLiveLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Grand View HealthYesYesLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDIn Progress
Hahnemann University HospitalNoNoMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Health Partners Plansn/an/aLiveLiveIn ProgressMember Readiness TBD
Holy RedeemerNoNoMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Independence Blue Crossn/an/aLiveLiveLiveLive (Payer Portal)
Jefferson HealthYesYesLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDLive
Main Line HealthYesYesLiveIn ProgressLiveMember Readiness TBD
Mercy Health System (Trinity)NoNoLive (Mercy Accountable Care and Mercy Home Health)Member Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Penn MedicineYesYesLive Member Readiness TBDLiveMember Readiness TBD
Prime Healthcare – Lower BucksYesYes – ED onlyMember Readiness TBDLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Prime Healthcare - Roxboroughn/aYesLive (ENS for Hospitals)LiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Prime Healthcare - Suburban Community HospitalNoNoMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
St. Christopher's Hospital for ChildrenNoYesMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
St. Mary Medical Center (Trinity)NoNoLive (Quality Health Alliance)Member Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDLive (Quality Health Alliance Portal Access)
Temple HealthYesYesLive (TUP & TPI)Member Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD

Data Source ID


ADT Data Feed

C-CDA Data Feed

Lab Data Feed


AHMHPPAbington Jefferson Health PhysiciansNovember 2015TBDAugust 2017TBD
AHLHAbington Jefferson Health Lansdale HospitalJune 2015TBDAugust 2017TBD
AHMHAbington Jefferson Health Memorial HospitalJune 2015TBDAugust 2017TBD
SNHAbramson Center for Jewish LifeMay 2017N/AN/ATBD
ABCCAria Jefferson Health Bucks County CampusApril 2015August 2017In ProgressTBD
AFCAria Jefferson Health Frankford CampusApril 2015August 2017In ProgressTBD
ATCAria Jefferson Health Torresdale CampusApril 2015August 2017In ProgressTBD
CCPCardiology Consultants of PhiladelphiaN/AJanuary 2018N/ATBD
CHOPChildren's Hospital of PhiladelphiaAugust 2017TBDTBDTBD
CHDCDCommunity Health and Dental CareFebruary 2018February 2018N/ATBD
CCMCCrozer-Chester Medical CenterMay 2015TBDTBDTBD
DCMHCrozer Delaware County Memorial HospitalMay 2015TBDTBDTBD
SPGFCrozer Springfield HospitalMay 2015TBDTBDTBD
TAYLCrozer Taylor HospitalMay 2015TBDTBDTBD
DVCHDelaware Valley Community HealthFebruary 2018February 2018N/ATBD
DOHAMBDoylestown AmbulatoryN/AJanuary 2018N/ATBD
DOHDoylestown HospitalApril 2015August 2016 (Hospital C-CDA)In ProgressTBD
ENHFEinstein Healthcare Network Ambulatory and Non-Hospital FacilitiesApril 2015September 2016N/ATBD
MREPEinstein Medical Center Elkins ParkApril 2015September 2016September 2017TBD
EMCMEinstein Medical Center MontgomeryApril 2015September 2016September 2017TBD
AEMCEinstein Medical Center PhiladelphiaApril 2015September 2016September 2017TBD
MOSSEinstein Moss RehabApril 2015September 2016N/ATBD
WCBEinstein Willowcrest Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterApril 2015September 2016N/ATBD
GHC133Genesis Healthcare Brandywine HallMarch 2017In ProgressN/ATBD
GHC083Genesis Healthcare Crestview CenterNovember 2017TBDN/ATBD
GHC121Genesis Healthcare Norriton Square Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNovember 2017TBDN/ATBD
GHC185Genesis Healthcare Powerback Center CityMarch 2017In ProgressN/ATBD
GHC273Genesis Healthcare Powerback PhoenixvilleNovember 2017TBDN/ATBD
GHC146Genesis Healthcare Powerback Willow GroveMarch 2017In ProgressN/ATBD
GHC150Genesis Healthcare Quakertown CenterNovember 2017TBDN/ATBD
GHC152Genesis Healthcare Sanatoga CenterNovember 2017TBDN/ATBD
GHC184Genesis Healthcare Somerton CenterMarch 2017In ProgressN/ATBD
GHC134Genesis Healthcare Wayne CenterMarch 2017In ProgressN/ATBD
GVHGrand View HospitalNovember 2017In ProgressTBDTBD
HAHNNHahnemann University HospitalOctober 2016TBDSeptember 2017TBD
HRHSHoly Redeemer HospitalSeptember 2015TBDSeptember 2017TBD
JHNHJefferson Hospital for NeuroscienceSeptember 2015September 2017TBDTBD
MHDEJefferson Methodist HospitalSeptember 2015September 2017TBDTBD
LBHLower Bucks HospitalSeptember 2015TBDTBDTBD
MLHPMain Line Health Ambulatory PracticesDecember 2015TBDTBDTBD
BGEMain Line Health Bryn Mawr HospitalMay 2015September 2017TBDTBD
RGEMain Line Health Bryn Mawr Rehab HospitalMay 2015September 2017N/ATBD
LGEMain Line Health Lankenau Medical CenterMay 2015September 2017TBDTBD
PGEMain Line Health Paoli HospitalMay 2015September 2017TBDTBD
DGEMain Line Health Riddle HospitalMay 2015September 2017TBDTBD
FTZMercy Fitzgerald HospitalAugust 2016TBDTBDTBD
NAZMercy Nazareth HospitalAugust 2016TBDTBDTBD
PHLMercy Philadelphia HospitalAugust 2016TBDTBDTBD
CCHPenn Medicine Chester County HospitalMarch 2016In ProgressTBDTBD
PMCPenn Medicine Penn-Presybyterian HospitalJuly 2017TBDTBDTBD
PAHPenn Medicine Pennsylvania HospitalJuly 2017TBDTBDTBD
HUPPenn Medicine University of Pennsylvania HospitalJuly 2017TBDTBDTBD
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineIn ProgressIn ProgressN/ATBD
Public Health Management CorporationIn ProgressIn ProgressN/ATBD
RMHRoxborough Memorial HospitalOctober 2015TBDTBDTBD
Suburban Community HospitalIn progressTBDTBDTBD
MLPSt. Mary Medical CenterNovember 2016TBDIn ProgressTBD
STCHRNSt. Christopher's Hospital for ChildrenSeptember 2016TBDSeptember 2017TBD
FCCTemple Fox Chase Cancer CenterSeptember 2015In ProgressTBDTBD
JHTemple Jeanes HospitalSeptember 2015October 2016TBDTBD
TUHTemple University HospitalSeptember 2015In ProgressTBDTBD
TJUHThomas Jefferson University HospitalSeptember 2015September 2017TBDTBD